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How do Asian handicap odds work in soccer betting?

Asian handicap bets can be confusing - check out our guide.

There are a lot of different types of bets out there. The number of wagers on a typical sportsbook is huge.

So much so that some people may not understand all of the different bet types that are on offer in the industry.

One of those that can prompt some confusion is the Asian handicap. Not sure about how Asian handicap odds work in soccer betting? Follow our complete guide to find out everything you need to know about the wagers.


What is the Asian handicap?

Not all bookmakers offer the Asian handicap, but these bet types are now quite widespread and mainstream.

Put simply, Asian handicap odds are a way to get a bit more value out of a particular wager you want to place.

At first, it can be tough to understand how the Asian handicap works. But it is not as complicated as it sounds.

In an ideal world, bookmakers will tally their Asian handicap odds to total around the evens marks. This is because the draw is taken out of the equation by the handicap involved in this type of bet.

Let’s use football as an example. The handicaps on offer will relate to the number of goals a team scores.

In essence, the handicap is added or taken away from the team’s final score for the purposes of the bet.

So if a team is offered at -1 on the Asian handicap and they score two goals, their total is counted as one.


How do Asian handicap odds work?

With Asian handicap odds, bookmakers are offering a market that should be very appealing to customers.

This is due to the fact there should be more value up for grabs, and therefore a greater potential profit.

Asian handicap odds are sometimes known as just AH, so when browsing bookmaker sites lookout for this.

While football is the main focus, Asian handicap bets can be found in a wide range of different sports now.

The odds offered on the Asian handicap market work like this. Let’s say it is a Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea that is widely expected to be very close.

An Asian handicap 0.0 works in the same way as a Draw No Bet wager.  This will sometimes be referred to as a full line, so keep this in mind when you are browsing for bets.


Asian handicap odds examples

Half lines and quarter lines are both available with the Asian handicap. This means you might see Arsenal -0.5 or Chelsea -0.25 when you come to place a wager.

Backing Arsenal -0.5 on the Asian handicap odds means they have to win the match for the bet to win.

If your chosen wager was Arsenal -1.5 then they would have to win the game by two clear goals for the bet not to be a loser.

In the event of the handicap used on your bet altering the end result into a draw, then your stake is returned.

This is one of the reasons why Asian handicap odds can be so attractive. They offer good value and a chance to go again in the event of a draw. They are certainly well worth trying out.

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