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How to choose the best sports betting tipster?

How to choose the best sports betting tipster?

When thinking about how to become good at sports betting,  should you use some tips and tricks?


Without using tips, provided from those who have sophisticated program solutions for doing analysis and researches and who combine it with the previous experience and background of experts, it would be almost impossible for a starter to win bets and make decent amounts of money.

Except for starters, tips can be very useful for professionals too. They know which are the best tipping sites considering their own needs, and they permanently use their services. However, for a starter, inexperienced bettor, it can be very difficult to find the right betting tipster.

When asking a question about the best tipster, there is now a straightforward answer, but we can definitely point you in the right direction.

There are hundreds of sites specialized or providing betting tips and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose the right tipster among all of them that are available.


There are betting tips everywhere.

You can find them on blogs, social media, forums, radio and so on. You need not mention that those providers are less audited than the paid options.

When consulting experienced people and asking them about the free tips, they will probably recommend you to use the free tips provided by an established platform. Those established platforms present their betting records with the utmost transparency. This way, you will definitely reduce the risk.

However, making a wise decision about using free tips or options given by established platforms specialized for producing and selling tips requires a thorough consideration of one’s own motives, ambitions in sports betting and your bankroll.


When deciding about the best sports betting tipster, should you think about a certain criteria?

These criteria have to satisfy two things. They have to be important for you and they need to have a huge influence on decisions about tipsters.

There are many sites that provide you information about tipsters. They provide you annual profit, monthly trends, and strike rate–everything you need to know about a certain tipster when making this important decision.

Criteria mentioned in the sentence above (annual profit, monthly trends, strike rate) can all be considered as one criterion called a tipster’s success. 

Besides these criteria, there are other important criteria you must not skip. It is very important for you to check if they track their bets and if they have a proper staking system that they follow.

You have to find your perfect balance between invested money and expected profit. The quality of a tip always depends on how much money you will pay. These criteria may seem simple, basic, but they are definitely something you must not forget to check when deciding which is the best tipster.

It might surprise you to know how many bettors forget to consider the criteria mentioned above and how many of them make their decision based on intuition.

They after regret, but they have already lost a lot of money. So, make sure this won’t happen to you. 

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