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These Are The Most Reliable Websites For Accurate Betting Tips

The massive rise in popularity of online sports betting has seen a big increase in the amount of tipster websites offering betting tips. However, with so many websites offering betting tips, it’s important to know which ones are reliable. These are five of the best, most reliable websites for accurate betting tips.


Home to hundreds of professional betting tipsters, BetFame is one of the most trusted websites for accurate betting tips. BetFame has daily free tips – provided by their Junior Tipsters – as well as a huge amount of paid-for tips, which are structured on a tiered system: Senior Tipsters, Premium Tipsters, and Bundle Tipsters.

All of the performances of BetFame’s tipsters are clearly visible on their profiles, so you can clearly see what tips they are providing, while their all-time statistics – including total tips, total profit, average odds, and ROI – are easily accessible. 

BetFame also has leaderboards – spanning from this week to all time – for each tipster category, which allows you to see who is performing the best. BetFame also has Live Odds and Live Scores to keep up to date with any changes to the markets. 


Providing free daily betting tips as well as a wealth of premium tips, SportsPredictions is regarded as one of the leading tipster services in Asia. 

On its home page, SportsPredictions displays their top five tipsters as well as the website’s all-time performance based on all of its tips and tipsters. Like BetFame, SportsPredictions also works on a tiered system for their tipsters. The free tips are supplied by Junior Tipsters, while the services provided by the Senior Tipsters, Premium Tipsters and Bundle Tipsters cost money. 

SportsPredictions also has sections dedicated to Live Odds and Live Scores, so you are never in the dark when changes take place. There is also a Soccer News section which houses all the latest news from the world of football. 


Providing soccer betting tips from matches, leagues, and tournaments from around the world, SportsTrade is one of the most trusted sources for accurate betting tips. 

SportsTrade also operates on the same tiered setup for their tipsters as BetFame and SportsPredictions (Junior, Senior, Premium, Bundle), and you can easily access the profiles and stats of each tipster by heading to the Tipster section on the site. There are, of course, also daily free tips.

Like all trusted tipster websites, SportsTrade has Live Scores and Live Odds, while their Blog section houses content about soccer betting, including guides and strategies.


SoccerTipsters is another great service for accurate betting tips. This platform also has a similar Tipster structure of Junior, Senior, Premium, and Bundle tipsters and also covers every corner of the soccer globe. 

Tipsters can be accessed either through the Tipsters section on the website or by scanning through each of the leaderboards. When on a tipster’s profile, you can see their full history – wins, losses, stakes, ROI, and many other stats so you know which tipster you would like to entrust.

SoccerTipsters also has Live Scores and Live Odds sections, so any changes will be reflected in real-time. There is also a Soccer News section to access all the latest news. 


The fifth and final website we’d recommend for accurate betting tips is BigTipster, which differs slightly to the other four websites on this list. There are still plenty of free daily tips, in-depth stats on all of their tipsters and leaderboards to track the performances of the tipsters.

When it comes to paid-for tips with BigTipster, you can either choose single tip tipsters or package tipsters – while many tipsters offer both services. If you choose single tip tipsters, you will pay for one tip; for package tipsters, you will pay for a block of 30 tips. 

BigTipster also has a Blog section containing soccer betting strategies and soccer news. 

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