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Punters favourite betting blogs and prediction websites ever

There are numerous websites and betting blogs offering betting advice and predictions, so we have selected five of the best you need to follow.

Soccer King Tips

Soccer King Tips is an excellent betting blog and predictions website for those looking for advice, guidance and expert knowledge on soccer betting. This website provides prediction news and soccer betting tips to help you make informed soccer bets but also has a lot of content pertaining to the soccer betting industry, including guides to understand various markets and strategies.

Soccer King Tips also has soccer experts writing analysis articles and opinion pieces that will increase your knowledge and education about the latest developments from the football world.

It also has live and up-to-date Premier League tables and fixture lists so you can stay on top of the latest changes from English soccer’s top flight.


Another highly-recommended betting blog that provides soccer predictions, Bet2Win is a great resource if you are looking for additional knowledge and insight for your soccer bets. 

With a team of expert and skilled tipsters, Bet2Win prides itself on providing the very best soccer predictions and betting advice to help minimize your losses and maximize your winnings. 

The website’s blog publishes an array of posts regarding the sports betting industry as a whole and soccer betting in particular, with guides on understanding various betting strategies. There are also articles that address the world of soccer that are worth reading, including analysis of players and leagues, especially around Europe. 


GlobalBet is another reliable and trusted betting blog that provides soccer predictions. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out in soccer betting, GlobalBet has a great deal of content that will help in your betting career.

As well as providing expert betting tips from their team of skilled tipsters, GlobalBet consistently produces useful content relevant to the soccer betting industry, including guides on strategies and analysis on the industry. 

There are also opinion and analysis articles relating to soccer, which are worth reading to increase your knowledge about the game in general.


The next betting blog and prediction website to earn a place on this list is SoccerExpert, which offers guidance and assistance from their team of professionals on all things soccer betting.

SoccerExpert boasts numerous articles and guides on betting techniques and tactics so you can become fully versed in how to approach all of the markets. The website also offers live scores, ensuring you can stay up-to-date with all the results from the world of soccer as they take place.

SoccerExpert also provides expert soccer tips, so if you need some insight and knowledge about bets relating to a specific game, then there is a likely chance SoccerExpert will have the answer.


The fifth and final betting blog and prediction website to make this list is InsiderBetTips. Offering soccer betting advice, match previews, and analysis, InsiderBetTips has been created to help increase your knowledge and insight so you can make the most informed betting decisions possible.

The website has numerous guides pertaining directly to soccer betting and includes guides, advice, and strategies that are important to understand if you want to succeed long-term with your soccer betting career.

InsiderBetTips also has expert soccer writers who contribute analysis articles about the world of soccer, so you can increase your knowledge of the game further. After all, knowledge is power and the more of it you have, the better your chances of soccer betting success are! 

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